Avoid Being a Wall Flower

If you’re new to networking, don’t be a wall flower. I know it can be intimidating the first few times you enter an event and everyone seems to be in small groups as if there are old friends. I have seen the look on the new guy or gal’s face so many times, they just don’t know how to start. My best advise is step right up to engage a group already involved in conversation with a handshake and a smile. Introduce yourself and ask the first person to your right what type of business they are in. Naturally, people like to talk about themselves and within a few moments you’ll find yourself in the conversation flow. Another good trick I have found is to look around the room for the single individual that is not involved in a group conversation. My guess is they are new to networking also. Go up and introduce your self and invite them to join you as a team. Remember, there is strength in numbers and having the support of another person in your same situation will make you both a little more at ease as you move about the room.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” -Albert Einstein

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